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Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (25)

Fixing extensions to General Relativity in the non-linear regime. (arXiv:1706.07421v1 [gr-qc])  hep-th updates on on 2017-6-24 7:39am GMT Authors: Juan Cayuso, Néstor Ortiz, Luis Lehner The question of what gravitational theory could supersede General Relativity has been central in theoretical physics for decades. Many disparate alternatives have been proposed motivated by cosmology, quantum gravity and phenomenological angles, and have been subjected to… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (24)

Aims and Scope of the Special Issue, “Quantum Foundations: Informational Perspective”  Latest Results for Foundations of Physics on 2017-6-17 5:00am GMT Genesis of Karl Popper’s EPR-like experiment and its resonance amongst the physics community in the 1980s  ScienceDirect Publication: Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics on 2017-6-16 2:10pm GMT… Read more →

On the Reality of the Wavefunction

Dear All, Recently, I have written a paper arguing against the claim of the PBR theorem. That is, I have shown that statistics of PBR’s scenario can be reproduced by $\psi$-epistemic ontological models. However, the only thing that is required is to consider the role of the measurement ontic states. In what follows, I have provided the abstract of the… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (23)

Can we Falsify the Consciousness-Causes-Collapse Hypothesis in Quantum Mechanics?. (arXiv:1609.00614v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)  physics.hist-ph updates on on 2017-6-10 3:32am GMT Authors: J. Acacio de Barros, Gary Oas In this paper we examine some proposals to disprove the hypothesis that the interaction between mind and matter causes the collapse of the wave function, showing that such proposals are fundamentally flawed. We then describe… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (22)

No thermalization without correlations. (arXiv:1706.00341v1 [quant-ph])  quant-ph updates on on 2017-6-03 8:46am GMT Authors: Dmitry V. Zhdanov (1), Denys I. Bondar (2), Tamar Seideman (1) ((1) Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, (2) Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA) The proof of the long-standing conjecture is presented that Markovian quantum master equations are at odds with quantum thermodynamics under conventional assumptions of fluctuation-dissipation theorems (implying a translation… Read more →