Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (11)

Quantum Field Theory With No Zero-Point Energy. (arXiv:1803.05823v1 [hep-th])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2018-3-17 4:45am GMT Authors: John R. Klauder Traditional quantum field theory can lead to enormous zero-point energy, which markedly disagrees with experiment. Unfortunately, this situation is built into conventional canonical quantization procedures. For identical classical theories, an alternative quantization procedure, called affine field quantization, leads to the… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (10)

On the Nature of Discrete Space-Time: The distance formula, relativistic time dilation and length contraction in discrete space-time. (arXiv:1803.03126v1 [physics.gen-ph])  gr-qc updates on arXiv.org on 2018-3-10 1:42am GMT Authors: David Crouse, Joseph Skufca In this work, the relativistic phenomena of Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction and time dilation are derived using a modified distance formula that is appropriate for discrete space. This new distance formula… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (9)

Emergent gravity from relatively local Hamiltonians and a possible resolution of the black hole information puzzle. (arXiv:1803.00556v1 [hep-th])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2018-3-02 1:31pm GMT Authors: Sung-Sik Lee In this paper, we study a possibility where gravity and time emerge from quantum matter. Within the Hilbert space of matter fields defined on a spatial manifold, we consider a sub-Hilbert space… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (8)

Would quantum entanglement be increased by anti-Unruh effect?. (arXiv:1802.07886v1 [gr-qc])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2018-2-24 1:22pm GMT Authors: Taotao Li, Baocheng Zhang, Li You We study the “anti-Unruh effect” for an entangled quantum state in reference to the counterintuitive cooling previously pointed out for an accelerated detector coupled to the vacuum. We show that quantum entanglement for an initially entangled (spacelike separated)… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (7)

Thinking Outside the Quantum Box  Scientific American Content: Global on 2018-2-16 12:00pm GMT How the mind can make sense of quantum physics in more ways than one – Read more on ScientificAmerican.com        show enclosure Information-reality complementarity: The role of measurements and quantum reference frames  PRA: Fundamental concepts on 2018-2-16 10:00am GMT Author(s): P. R. Dieguez and R. M. Angelo… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (6)

Gravitation in terms of observables. (arXiv:1802.02661v1 [gr-qc])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2018-2-10 12:53am GMT Authors: Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin In the 1960′s, Mandelstam proposed a new approach to gauge theories and gravity based on loops. The program for gauge theories was completed for Yang–Mills theories by Gambini and Trias in the 1980′s. Gauge theories could be understood as representations of certain… Read more →

Realistic interpretation of quantum mechanics and encounter-delayed-choice experiment

GuiLu Long et al (Tsinghua University) In this paper, a realistic interpretation (REIN) of the wave function in quantum mechanics is briefly presented. We demonstrate that in the REIN, the wave function of a microscopic object is its real existence rather than a mere mathematical description. Specifically, the quantum object can exist in disjointed regions of space just as the… Read more →

Submission: Quantifying Absorption in the Transactional Interpretation

R. E. Kastner, John G. Cramer  3 Feb. 2018 Abstract: The Transactional Interpretation offers a solution to the measurement problem by identifying specific physical conditions precipitating the non-unitary `measurement transition’ of von Neumann. Specifically, the transition occurs as a result of absorber response (a process lacking in the standard approach to the theory).  The purpose of this Letter is to make… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (5)

How to Build an Infinite Lottery Machine We propose two novel alternative manners of doing so, `no-leaking’ (roughly that information gain causes disturbance) and `purity of cups’ (roughly the existence of entangled states). Interestingly, these turn out to be equivalent in any process theory with cups and caps. Additionally, we show how the standard purification postulate can then be seen… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (4)

Inertial Trajectories in de Broglie-Bohm Theory: an unexpected problem  Philsci-Archive: No conditions. Results ordered -Date Deposited. on 2018-1-26 3:44am GMT Acuña, Pablo (2017) Inertial Trajectories in de Broglie-Bohm Theory: an unexpected problem. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 30. pp. 201-230. PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES ABOUT BLACK HOLES  Philsci-Archive: No conditions. Results ordered -Date Deposited. on 2018-1-26 2:55am GMT Romero, Gustavo… Read more →